TRAVOD International is your global-local translation and communication partner. Whether you need your message in one language or one hundred, we provide the same stellar service. Whether your project is urgent or ongoing, we’ve got you covered. We make it our business to get to know your brand; sharing your values and vision with the world, supporting you on your global journey. Now, how about some numbers?
100 languages we work in;
400 language combinations we can accommodate;
10000 professional linguists on our database;

We offer:
Editing & Revision
Transcription of audio/video material
Website Localisation
Software Localisation
Desktop Publishing and Layout
What makes us unique?
We like urgent. We like complex. We like to be challenged. Our team thrives on producing out of this world results. Why? Подробнее тут we’ve made it our goal to be the Number 1 agency for quick turnarounds, complicated requests and cost effective solutions.
Working with TRAVOD will take your business to another level. A global level, with excellence as an absolute.
Excel. Exceed.
It’s why we exist.
At Travod International our focus is on you, the customer. We know you are looking for excellence in translation, local subject matter experts and fast, easy, stress-free translation services. No matter how specialized your project, TRAVOD has experts in fields such as science and technology, legal, medical and business standing by to help you.
When the company is expanding, going abroad or targets a specific language pair the main goal is to deliver the information in customer’s language. TRAVOD’s qualified team translates legal documents, product descriptions, websites and other texts which tight customers and international businesses.

Having consulted several translation agencies in the past, we’re pleased to now work with Travod as they have been flexible enough to adopt their way of working to the translation framework we have for our site. This cuts time for us enormously compared to passing documents back and forth and ensures that the translator gets a good contextual understanding of the texts .

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