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If you are looking for silk or wool Russian shawl, browse our online store. Products filter can help you to find item exactly to your requirements. If you find suitable shawl and you feel that it is yours, take it without hesitation. Actually, they are all perfect!
Traditional clothing from Russia is very popular all over the world. We sell wraps right from Posad Manufactory with free shipping worldwide. Each Posad wrap has its own mood. It can be your friend and will give you the warmth and joy!
Trendy floral pattern of scarves will make every woman feel like princess. It would make you special in any occasion. Of course, shawl is the great gift to connoisseurs and collectors!
Unique accessory

Posad district — oldest textile center in Europe. Production was founded in the last years of the eighteenth century Jacob Labzin and subsequently passed from father to son.
Factory began to produce scarves not immediately, but almost half a century after its founding – in the 60 years of the nineteenth century. Then factory has become one of the largest textile companies in Russia. First of all craftsmen start to work on shawl design. In their work they use techniques that goes from generation to generation. Saving ancient traditions artists try to create unique ornaments of future scarves. During many years of work, artist create new solutions in paint composition and wrap producing technology.
Technology of Russian shawl production combines respect to traditions with the latest scientific technologies in textile industry.
Among unique, world-wide known products, presenting pride and glory of Russia, a particular place occupy shawls from an ancient town of Pavlovsky Posad.

Every year «Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory» issues around 800 kinds of shawls, kerchiefs, scarves, cache-nez, tablecloths of natural fibers: wool, cotton, silk, linen. Recognition of a high art and cultural value of our products is the fact that to the factory is given a title of a folk art craft of Russia.

The work on every new product starts with a design. On the creation of designs labours a group of gifted artists, from generation to generation passing ancient traditions and creating new composition solutions. All prepared designs are considered and affirmed by Art Council, to which are invited merited artists of the factory, representatives of the Minestry of Culture and of the territorial art and expert Council on folk crafts of Moscow region.

The distinctive particularity of our craft is the aspiration of all the collective to embody the initial author art plan of the shawl. For more than two hundred year history at the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory has been formed the pavlovo scarf school of a shawl design, the only one in its kind, owing to which the traditions are saved and the skill of the artists is sharpened. Namely from the design (the krok) starts the work over each new item, and on how correctly a solution of composition and a colour gamma are chosen depends its further destiny.Подробнее тут

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